We deliver one service:

The reinsurance technology you need to succeed

No two reinsurance businesses are the same. We bring a wealth of technical experience, supported by market knowledge, to provide the most elegant and appropriate solution for you.

We offer solutions not features

If you don’t know what you need us to build, that’s absolutely fine; just tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll do the rest. We’re here to help you overcome every obstacle, plug every hole and smooth out every tricky process, bringing new ideas to tackle old problems wherever we can.

Over the last few years we have built reinsurance-specific underwriting platforms, modelling and structuring tools, pricing models, CRM and diary management systems as well as finance and management reporting suites. In the future we could build any software solution that rises to the particular challenges faced by your reinsurance business.

We know reinsurance

We speak your language. There’s no need to explain terminology and concepts. Tell us about your strategy and the problems you would like to solve, and we’ll build whatever you need for a leaner, more efficient, more profitable business.

New ideas to tackle old problems


Risk Assessment

Dashboards and reports to assess risk at the layer, program, cedent, peril, territory and business level.


Regulatory Compliance

Simplify the collection and reporting of regulatory information, minimising the overhead on the business.


Business Efficiency

Let software automate repetitive jobs, remove duplicated tasks and create workflows that work for you. Allow you and your team more time for the knowledge-based work.