Why choose Imaginera?

We are dedicated to your success

Because we appreciate the differences between our clients, their budgets and internal sign-off processes, we take a flexible approach to engagement.

Our approach is narrow but deep

Our focus on reinsurance may be narrow, but our approach to working with you is more than thorough. We get to know every section of your business, how they interact, and the part each one plays in delivering your ultimate strategy.

A flexible team of engineers and account managers

We’re not simply ‘developers for hire’, we are actively involved with your stakeholders doing everything from gathering and refining the requirements, prioritising them and offering suggestions how to maximise the impact of your investment.

Working with Imaginera gives you access to a team of engineers, with their wealth and variety of experience, ready to meet your goals. You’re not tied to a single person and impacted by their holidays, sickness or even technical experience. Furthermore, if you have tight deadlines we have the flexibility to add extra members and increase the velocity of your project.

We never build and run

During the development process you have quick access to initial builds and can help refine requirements and improve the ultimate solution with your growing knowledge of the technology and its possibilities. Once complete we assist with implementation and support in-house demonstrations to ensure the new software brings maximum return on your investment.

Technical excellence and market knowledge


Agile Software Development

We work to a proven methodology to deliver the best results in the most efficient way.  Leaving laborious project documentation aside, we meet to discuss objectives and provide approximate timings and costs. Then we work in small, iterative steps to build functionality in priority order, incorporating your feedback throughout the process.


Tailored to Your Business

Many organisations use bespoke software to reflect their unique approach and gain competitive advantage. We support companies on this journey in a truly consultative way. Not only do we work closely with you to build best-in-class business automation software, we also assist with implementation and training.


Built By Reinsurance Specialists

Our management team and many of our engineers have years of experience in the reinsurance industry, so you don’t have to spend time explaining terminology and concepts before discussing requirements. We hire knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate people with a focus on quality and customer service.